Ultimate Strongman Junior World Championships - 3/9/2016

3rd, 4th & 5th September - 29th Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival, Quebec, Canada  - on line deal.

This is the first ever world Junior event in the history of the Ultimate Strongman brand.  We are proud to announce that it will be in Quebec, Canada at the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival.  It promises to be a memorable contest. There has been qualifiers as near as the UK and as far as South Africa.  There will be 12 strong competitors looking to take the crown of the Ultimate Strongman Junior World Champion.

All competitors with any queries regarding the event, please contact Glenn Ross via email- /facebook/mobile- +447780815928

(List of events and Competitors are below:

  1. Matthew McCoy (Ireland)
  2. Piotr Pasionek (Poland)
  3. Cheick Sanou (Canada)
  4. Nikita Golovan (Russia)
  5. Tom Stoltman (Scotland)
  6. Duane Van Staden (South Africa)
  7. Martynas Brusokas (Lithuania)
  8. Nick Hadge (USA)
  9. Philip Kuninski (Denmark)
  10. Sten Karro (Estonia)
  11. Angelo Van Der Pas (Holland)
  12. Ashton Reid (England)


Day 1

1.Duck walk. 200kg. 4 lanes. 20 m course
2. Circus dumbbell. 80 kg. 1 competitor.
3. Deaflift for max. No suits. 1 competitor. 270 kg opener. Jumps in 15 kg until 330 then 10s. 340...

Day 2

4. Tyre flip. 2 lanes. Fastest time wins.
 Truck Pull with harness and rope, 20m. 1 competitor.
6. Stones of strength. 1 competitior. 100kg -160kg

Day 3

7. Gatineau wheelbarrow for max, 1 competitor

Pre-finale event (Brian Shaw will try a new  world record attempt)

8. Dead lift hold for time. Head to head for the title and will lift the new world title belt

Winner will be crowned the Ultimate Strongman Junior World Champion 2016 and lift the coveted Ultimate Strongman Junior Championship belt.

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