Ultimate Strongman Master World Championship 2016 - 28/8/2016

28th August 2016, Belfast,1pm Crumlin Road Gaol. Find out more information about this Marshall's event. 

This will be the last day of the XIII Rudridge World Ultimate Strongman Belfast NI weekend.  This is an incredible way to close up a strength packed weekend. In conclusion to this weekend will be the Ultimate Strongman Master World Championship.  This promises to be the best with 12 of the strongest masters around the planet, fighting to take the utimate crown.  There will be 6 gruelling tests of strength which will give us our winner. Mark Felix was victorious at his first ever Master Championship last year but there are 11 other competitiors who want to take his crown as the Ultimate Strongman Master World Champion and lift the Marshall's trophy.

These competitiors have done qualifiers all around the world to be at this event and only the strongest have made it:

  1. Mark Felix (Greneda)
  2. Dale Peters (Wales)
  3. Mark McLoughlin (England)
  4. Robert Kalinowski (Poland)
  5. Chad Coy (USA)
  6. Phil Morgan (Ireland)
  7. Marcus Franke (Germany)
  8. Gerhard Trawoger (Austria)
  9. Kalle Lane (Sweden)
  10. Van Hatfield (USA)
  11. Sergey Kharlamov (Russia)
  12. Vidas Blekaitis (Lithuania)

Events are below:

Discipline 1: 200 kg Duck Walk and 400kgTyre Flip,20m course ,90secs x 4 lanes.
Discipline 2: 140 kg Log Press off the blocks , reps, 90sec time period x 1comp...etitor.
Discipline 3: Axle Over hand Deadlift ,2 lanes , 90 secs,147kg,167kg, 187kg, 207kg, 127kg.
Discipline 4: Arm Over Arm Truck Pull, 1 lane, 20 M ,90secs.
Discipline 5: Squat Reps ,1 competitor, 250 kg, reps, 90secs.
Discipline 6: Stones Of Strength x 2 lanes, 90secs, 100kg ,115kg, 130kg, 145kg, 160kg.

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